How it all began!..

Love Arran

How it all began!.. Love Arran

It was the early hours of the 21th of October 2021 the wind was smashing big fat rain drops against  the sashed windows of our beautiful rental cottage in a rhythmical fashion. I could not sleep because of the sound of the rain was like a drumming in my head. I became aware of the fact that I was tossing and turning and starting to disturb my wife and so I decided to get up. With blearing eyes I grabbed my dressing gown and took myself downstairs and made myself a cup of tea.

Our rental property was situated in the small village of Pirnmill on the Scottish, Isle of Arran. It was the Scottish School’s October Break a holiday where we usually plan a trip to visit this stunning island. The living room of the property overlooked the sea with views across to Kintyre in the distance. Now peaking behind the curtains i could see nothing just drops of rain dribbling down the window pain. I opened the curtains to watch the rain.

The clock clicked past four and I thought to myself about how the house was peaceful and was in a fantastic location had it not been for the weather. The rain was still beating down. My thoughts drifted to a dream I had often had about starting my own business although I was never sure what to do.  I had always thought to myself that “I should be doing something I love”

And then work wouldn’t feel like work.

I had done a bit of website developing in the past . I really enjoyed it more as a hobby than anything else. So, I made the decision that whatever I would do it would be online. I wracked my brain as to how I could link this with a job and came up with nothing.

My holiday reading was a book about people who had made millions starting successful blogs. I started to give this consideration but, I would need a subject that I could continue to write about time and time again.

It is always easier to write about something you love right…

My mind raced from subject to subject, health, keep fit, rugby, cooking, travel. 

What subject could I find enough material to write about??

Then when the clock finally ticked around to seven am and something miraculously happened.

The rain stopped.

The clouds parted and I witnessed the most stunning sunrise. The words write about something you love kept going around my head.

I thought to myself, well I do love Arran, and though all the holidays and experiences we have had on this wonderful island there is more than enough to write about. 

And so I made up my mind. I would write a blog style website about the Isle of Arran that would serve as an online guide to the island for visitors like me.

ME: proud owner of in my dressing gown!

But what should it be called? I had realised how difficult it was to get the perfect domain name so I started to look on ionos a website hosting provider I had used in the past. I went through almost everything I could think of which was associated with the Isle of Arran.

Then another thought came to me as this was inspired by writing about something you love then why not Love Arran. To my amazement when I searched the domain was free and available.

I took a moment a deep breath and another cup of tea. Was it the right decision / domain name?

It seemed like fate so not wanting the domain to be snapped up I took the plunge and bought it!

And so at around 7:30 am on 22th of October 2021 was born. I was the owner of Love Arran: The Guide to Scotland’s Isle of Arran.

Now the hard work really began….