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Island Porcelain Arran: Where Nature and Craftsmanship Converge

In the quaint Studio 4, Lamlash, a unique tale of artistry unfolds at Island Porcelain Arran. This haven for handcrafted porcelain figures takes inspiration from the pristine landscapes and diverse wildlife of the Isle of Arran, Scotland.

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Studio 4, Lamlash, Isle of Arran, KA27 8LA


01770 600919


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Table of Contents:

The Artisan’s Touch: Tracy Gibson’s Craftsmanship

Behind the scenes, Tracy Gibson, a skilled artisan, shapes each porcelain figure with a meticulous touch. In her small studio, every piece undergoes a transformative process, hand-painted and fired to an astonishing 1200 degrees. The result? A matte, unglazed finish that gives each figure a distinctive identity, making no two pieces alike.

Island Porcelain’s collection mirrors the avian wonders of the British Isles, spanning the Coronation, Coast, Farmland Birds, Freshwater Birds, Garden Birds, and Heath and Hill Birds categories. Yet, there’s more – the Woodland Birds, a festive Christmas assortment, and a delightful menagerie of Marine Animals and other creatures grace the shelves.

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The Isle of Arran: A Pocket-Sized Eden

Labeled ‘Scotland in Miniature,’ the Isle of Arran beckons with its contrasting landscapes. The highland faultline divides the island into rocky, mountainous terrains in the north and lush, green pastures in the south. With 56 miles of coastline, Arran is a wildlife paradise, boasting a rich bird list and captivating wildlife encounters.

For the adventurous souls, Arran offers an array of activities – from exploring castles and distilleries to golfing and embracing the great outdoors. The island is a canvas where history, nature, and recreation blend seamlessly.

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Island Porcelain’s Journey Through Time

The history of Island Porcelain intertwines with the legacy of Alastair Dunn, a Scottish potter, painter, and sculptor. Beginning in the 1970s, the porcelain miniatures crafted on the Isle of Arran evolved into Island Porcelain as we know it today. After a journey through Kilmory’s Old School, Lamlash, and Corrie, the studio has found its way back to its roots in Studio 4, Lamlash – a homecoming, echoing the cyclical nature of time.

Step into the studio and witness the magic of Island Porcelain. As a third party, we invite you to explore this enchanting world where nature and craftsmanship converge, where each figure tells a unique story inspired by the beauty of the Isle of Arran. Island Porcelain Arran welcomes you to experience the poetry of porcelain, a reflection of the untamed elegance that graces the Isle of Arran.



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