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Embracing Compassion: Arran Veganuary Information Day on the 27th January 2024

On the idyllic Isle of Arran, a remarkable event is unfolding – the Arran Veganuary Day on the 27th of January.

Orchestrated by the passionate Arran Vegan group, this day promises a harmonious convergence of inspiration, information, and, naturally, delectable vegan delights.

Against the scenic backdrop of Corrie and Sannox village hall, the event stretches from 12 noon to approximately 9 pm, offering a holistic experience for both seasoned vegans and those venturing into the plant-based lifestyle.

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Unlock the World of Vegan Knowledge

At Arran Veganuary Day, the quest is to empower individuals with a wealth of information to support their journey into the vegan lifestyle.

For those eager to explore the nuances of plant-based living, partnerships with trusted sources offering invaluable insights have been forged:

1. Vegan Society: Your Ultimate Vegan Resource

Through its extensive resources, the Vegan Society has become a guiding light in the vegan community. From nutritional guidance to lifestyle tips, their wealth of information caters to both curious beginners and seasoned vegans alike.

Visit the Vegan Society Website Here!

2. Scottish School of Herbal Medicine (SSHM): Integrating Herbal Wisdom with Vegan Living

With the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine (SSHM) go beyond the basics of plant-based nutrition. SSHM offers a unique perspective on holistic well-being through herbal practices. Connect with their expertise to discover the interconnected benefits of embracing a vegan lifestyle and incorporating herbal traditions.

Visit the SSHM Website Here!

Arran Veganuary Day is not just an event; it’s a golden opportunity to absorb information, ask questions, and broaden your understanding of the vegan lifestyle. Whether you’re seeking nutritional guidance, herbal insights, or a broader understanding of plant-based living, these trusted sources stand ready to guide you on your journey. Join us on the 27th of January at Corrie and Sannox village hall to tap into this wellspring of vegan knowledge.

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Promotional Samples at Arran Veganuary Day

Indulge your taste buds at the Arran Veganuary Day with a delightful array of promotional samples that showcase the best of plant-based goodness. Our event proudly features an exquisite selection, including:

  • Sheese: Crafted with Pride on the Isle of Bute 

Embark on a journey into the world of award-winning dairy-free vegan cheeses with Sheese. Handcrafted with pride on the scenic Isle of Bute, Sheese offers a range of delectable options that redefine the possibilities of plant-based cuisine. Perfect for plant-based diet enthusiasts or those with dietary restrictions like lactose intolerance, Sheese promises a delicious and versatile alternative to traditional cheese. Explore the diverse flavours and textures at Bute Island, and join us in savouring the richness of Sheese at the Arran Veganuary Day.

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  • Other Promo Samples: 

Other vegan fare samples will be available from the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine (SSHM*) and Sense of Arran.

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Films that Inspire Change

Embark on a cinematic journey at the Arran Veganuary Day as a thought-provoking selection of films is showcased, delving into environmental consciousness, ethical farming, and the evolution of a global movement.

  • Seaspiracy (2021) 

For enthusiasts of ocean life, “Seaspiracy” is a documentary that plunges into the depths of the sea, uncovering the unsettling harm humans inflict on marine species. The filmmaker sets out on a mission to document the impact, unveiling alarming global corruption. This eye-opening film urges viewers to reflect on their relationship with the oceans and prompts a call to action for ocean advocates.

  • 73 Cows

“73 Cows” is a powerful narrative that tells the inspiring story of Jay Wilde, the first UK farmer to trade beef farming for sustainable organic vegan farming. The film chronicles Wilde’s journey as he makes the bold decision to give up his entire herd of cattle, paving the way for a more ethical and sustainable farming practice. Notably, this BAFTA-winning short film not only premiered at the Raindance Film Festival but also graced the European Parliament, influencing policymakers to consider significant changes in agricultural law. Covered by renowned media outlets such as The Times and The Guardian, “73 Cows” stands as a testament to the impact of grassroots efforts in transforming the agricultural landscape.

73 Cows
  • 10 Years of Veganuary 

In celebration of Veganuary’s 10th anniversary, this film offers a retrospective look at the past decade. Co-founders Matthew Glover and Jane Land, along with celebrity ambassadors like Evanna Lynch, Kellie Bright, Chris Packham, Peter Egan, Benjamin Zephaniah, and Jasmine Harman, illuminate the journey from a humble idea at a Yorkshire kitchen table to a global phenomenon. “10 Years of Veganuary” not only reflects on the triumphs but also addresses the challenges faced over the years. Join us in commemorating a decade of positive change and the flourishing impact of the Veganuary movement.

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These films aim not only to entertain but also to ignite conversations, fostering a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness between our choices and the well-being of our planet. Be prepared to be moved, inspired, and motivated to make conscious choices for a sustainable and compassionate future.

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Food Stalls Available on Day

Get ready for a flavour-packed adventure at Arran Veganuary Day because we’ve got the sensational Catchacarrot Vegan Pop Up Cafe on the scene. These folks are absolute maestros when it comes to creating mouthwatering homemade vegan cakes and savoury wonders. It’s a culinary spectacle that’s set to leave a lasting impression on every food lover who crosses its path.

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Inspiring Voices: Presenters at Arran Veganuary Day

Join us at the Arran Veganuary Day for an enlightening experience as we feature distinguished speakers who bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to the event. These presenters are committed to sharing their insights on various aspects of veganism, from herbal medicine to ethical business practices.

Keith Robertson (SSHM):

Preserving Traditional Herbal Medicine and Embracing a ‘Plantarian’ Lifestyle

Many years ago, Keith Robertson, MSc FNIMH, took a vow of non-violence, setting the course for a journey that intertwines the preservation of Traditional Herbal Medicine with a commitment to a vegan diet and lifestyle. Robertson, a stalwart advocate for non-violent practices, introduces the concept of ‘plantarian’ living, where one nourishes oneself solely from plants. This dedication extends beyond personal health, embracing the planet as well. To delve deeper into Keith Robertson’s philosophy and expertise.

Rory Cockshaw:

A Whistle-Stop Tour of Vegan Science, Ethics, and Philosophy

Prepare for an engaging and enlightening session with Rory Cockshaw, a writer, speaker, and activist who has actively campaigned with some of the UK’s leading animal rights and climate groups. In his presentation, “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Veganism,” Rory takes attendees on an hour-long exploration of vegan science, ethics, and philosophy. From the intricacies of suffering and psychology to profound discussions on God, evolution, and the future of our planet, Rory’s talk promises to be a captivating journey. Learn more about Rory’s work and advocacy at

David & Lisa Pannell (Vegan Business Tribe):

Navigating the Vegan Marketplace with Marketing Expertise

Husband and wife duo David & Lisa Pannell embarked on a shared vegan journey in 2018, propelling their passion for a plant-based lifestyle into the business realm. With a successful background in marketing and business growth, the Pannells founded Vegan Business Tribe, a platform aimed at assisting global brands and high-street chains in navigating the burgeoning plant-based and vegan marketplace. Their journey includes collaboration with some of the world’s largest brands to develop impactful vegan offerings. Lisa’s monthly business column in Vegan Food & Living, the UK’s best-selling vegan magazine, and David’s role as the UK agent for The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark scheme further solidify their commitment to the vegan cause. Discover more about their endeavours at Vegan Business Tribe.

These esteemed speakers bring diverse perspectives and experiences to the Arran Veganuary Day, offering attendees valuable insights and inspiration on the journey towards a more compassionate and sustainable world. Don’t miss the chance to engage with these thought leaders on the 27th of January at Corrie and Sannox village hall.

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Arran Supper Club’s Veganuary Supper (Booking Essential)

Get set for a culinary journey as Arran Veganuary Day concludes with a Veganuary Supper hosted by the acclaimed Arran Supper Club at 6:30 pm. Known for their culinary prowess, Arran Supper Club will present a carefully curated menu of delicious vegan dishes, making this evening a standout gastronomic experience.

It’s imperative to secure your spot for this exclusive event, so ensure you make a reservation in advance. With exceptional plant-based flavours this will be a delightful way to conclude your day at Arran Veganuary Day.

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Conclusion: Immerse Yourself in Vegan Living at Arran Veganuary Day

Whether you’re an avid wildlife enthusiast or just dipping your toes into plant-based waters, Arran Veganuary Day is your gateway to a world of flavour, knowledge, and community. Regardless of your level of engagement with veganism, from those who’ve had a lacklustre dairy-free brownie to seasoned plant-based advocates, this event is your immersive lesson in understanding the “why” behind our beliefs and, more crucially, our eating choices.

This isn’t your standard lecture; it’s an interactive experience. Have questions? Bring them along, interrupt, and get involved! Join us on the 27th of January at Corrie and Sannox village hall for a dynamic day filled with talks, films, and delectable vegan samples. Whether you’re refining your argument for plant-based living or just curious to learn more, Arran Veganuary Day welcomes everyone to be a part of this vibrant celebration. See you there!

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Stay Informed: Seeking More Information

Stay connected with Arran Veg Fest and Arran Veganuary Day by following these channels:

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Stay updated with the latest developments, event highlights, and news by following the Arran Veg Fest Facebook page. Engage with a community of like-minded individuals, share your enthusiasm, and stay informed about all event-related activities.

  • Explore Veganuary:

Delve deeper into Veganuary and its global impact by visiting Veganuary’s website. Discover the history, success stories, and valuable insights that characterize the decade-long journey of Veganuary.

For specific inquiries or detailed information about Arran Veganuary Day:

  • Telephone Contact: 

Reach out via telephone at 01770601259. The dedicated team is ready to assist with any questions or concerns.

  • Email Inquiries:

For queries or additional details, send an email to [email protected], and expect a prompt response.

Embark on a well-informed journey into the world of veganism. Attend Arran Veganuary Day on the 27th of January at Corrie and Sannox village hall, and let this experience be both enriching and memorable.

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